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Baby Children,3-7 years

Tiny tots aged 3 to 7 years gather every week for 2 hours for various fun-filled activities at centres across India and all over the globe.

They grasp good values and understanding through prayers, singing, dancing, listening to stories, and playing games. Participating in cultural events helps them to overcome stage fear.

These tiny tots are also given exposure to skills and creativity through art and craft activities and it's fascinating to see their imagination and emotions on paper.

Little MHT, 8-12 years

Blossoming buds aged 8 to 12 yrs gather every week for 2 hours at various centres across India and the globe.

The main purpose of the five year syllabus is to encourage these children to develop a unique understanding, which will never let them fall down in any situation. The golden keys of Dadashri's Akram Science will help them to face any challenges.


Kid's Camps:
The word camp brings a world of excitement for the children… A unique gathering of kids from all over the globe, regardless of their class, community, race, colour or sect, who come together and share experiences, learn new things, sing and have loads of fun.

A team of dedicated young boys and girls from the Balvignan team share with these kids Pujya Dadashri's vast ocean of knowledge using a scientific approach. They help the kids find solutions to many hidden truths of the world such as "What is my identity?"; "Where is God?"; "Why should I let go when I am correct?"; "How can I live a happy life?"; "Why is there so much suffering in life?" etc. This in turn helps to groom and shape the kids for a better tomorrow, by nurturing the values in them and discovering their hidden virtues.

There is much more to do, come and experience ….

Young MHT, 13-21 years

Healthy minded young adults aged 13 to 21 yrs meet twice a month for 2 hours at various centres across India and the globe. Boys and girls groups meet separately and both groups use a "Fun-n-Learn" scientific and practical approach during sessions whereby not only do they get spiritual knowledge, but develop skills such as teamwork, leadership etc.

The youth also participate in planning, and executing many annual events for the organisation, through which they are able to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice. They also get special satsang sessions with devoted celibate brothers and sisters whereby they can get their burning issues resolved, with the application of the right understanding, as per Dadashri's Akram Science.

With the cognisance of this is my group, "my comfortable corner", they help and support each other to achieve their individual, spiritual and groups goals.

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It was Param Pujya Dadashri's and Pujya Niruma's heartfelt wish to nurture and mould today's generation with right values of knowledge so that they would not only help themselves but would also work for the salvation of the whole world. Today's generation is healthy minded and have lots of potential, hence with Dada's Akram Science, if these seeds are sowed during childhood, they will blossom and grow into huge trees loaded with fruits of right knowledge, purity and love.

Gnani ni Chhaya Ma (GNC) is the umbrella under which all Dada Bhagwan Parivar's children and youth activities and programs fall including this kids website that you are looking at. All dedicated volunteers who work within GNC live by the vision as guided by Param Pujya Deepakbhai:

"To deliver maternal security and the pure love of a Gnani with positivity to every child that comes our way."

Amongst the various activities under Gnani ni Chhaya Ma, one of them is MHT Centres. MHT means "Mahatma". The centres are further divided into three groups categorised by the age groups:

Baby MHT - For tiny tots aged 3 yrs to 7yrs

Little MHT - For blossoming buds aged 8 yrs to 12 yrs

Youth MHT - For healthy minded young adults aged 13 yrs to 21 yrs

Through the MHT centres, children, young and old, all have a chance at healthy spiritual, moral and cultural growth through various fun filled activities. The MHT centres are a place where the children can open up freely and have the right guidance and support for dealing with their so-called issues.

The MHT OBJECTIVES are as follows:

  • :: Facilitate Spiritual Growth
  • :: Face any situation in life with Equanimity
  • :: Help them develop Love and Respect for Self and Others
  • :: To channelize energy in positive direction
  • :: Provide a Platform for Healthy Friendship

Events like "Fuzion" (annual forum) and Camps for Kids and Youth are held once a year.

Any questions troubling you? Get your solutions…Attend a kids or youth camp… Watch out for dates and join us…...

Now, would you not love to be a part of this family?..Keep checking as there might be GNANI NI CHHAYA MA opening in your city too!!

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