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store of happiness

STORE OF HAPPINESS was established in 2010 as one of the children's activities in the Trimandir Sankul.

It has a unique structure with indoor and outdoor areas designed for fun. It's main purpose is to initiate children with the vision to not to hurt anyone in their life and give happiness to all.

The indoor area has animation films, puppet shows, interactive games, theme based audio visual shows and displays. The keys of happiness in the themes displayed by various medias not only bring children enjoyment but in turn signal a message to the children to open a store of happiness within themselves, by not hurting others through their mind, speech and body.

The outdoor area is a playhouse of fun with swings, slides, climbing structures, see-saws and many other structures which can keep children occupied for hours.

Be sure to visit it when you next come to Simandhar City.

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