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Diwali with a ‘Difference’ (entries closed)


Diwali with a 'Difference'

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Hey friends,

Is everyone geared up for Diwali festivities?  Sounds like fun, doesn't it? Sweets, colors, crackers, friends, families and all the accompanied 'goodie goodie' stuff… Isn't this what Diwali is all about?

But, do you know there are also other ways to celebrate Diwali? It is said, 'The only permanent thing in life is CHANGE' So, why not bring about a change in our lives too by changing our way of festival celebration? The joy of burning crackers will only last till it turns into smoke but the happiness derived by sharing with someone will last forever.
Are you ready for it? Want to know how? It's simple, just become a part of Diwali with a Difference Campaign (DwD) and share your experiences with us.

It's simple. Manan did it. So can you!

Manan celebrated his Diwali in a unique way  and gradually realized that this was perhaps his best Diwali ever. You can also become a volunteer for FESTIVAL OF SMILES. Just- LOOK AROUND….REALIZE…. ….THINK….SPREAD SMILES and lastly SHARE YOU EXPERIENCE with us. Easy, isn't it?
Put yourself in Manan's shoes and tell us what you have done, can do or intend to do. Just answers these simple questions and share your experience with all of us.

1) Like Manan, what different did you do/can you do on this Diwali?
2) How did you feel about it? Share your experience with us.
3) How can you encourage other kids of your age to do the same?

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready and make this Diwali different and more fun!
Read on for contest details! Participate and win exciting prizes…

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