The story of my lucky day

Today was a big day!
I was finally going to meet my favorite Deepak dada.
And, I was lucky as I got a chance to sit so close to him, right there on his lap.


The chocolate prasad I received from him was sweeter

than all the  sweets I have eaten so far.

Ahh! I felt so free and so happy!


Pujyashree, I promise you, I won't fall into the trap of greed

and anger-pride in this life again.

Bless me for it!



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Kids Activities during Gurupurnima at St.Louis,Missouri


What's here!! A wonderful puppet show, definitely not to be missed!


Right understanding for kids, served to them in different colors




Hmmm…let's have a look on what's planned for L-MHTians this Gurupurnima



L-MHT kids listening intently - what fun are we going to have today!



L-MHT kids actively participating in their spontaneous way



Come quick… Let's register for fun and games this Gurupurnima



Gateway to a phenomenal Science fair - Akram World



Gurupurnima celebrations will also witness a gathering of

young boys and girls

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Surat, Rajkot and Bhavnagar GNC day event

Enjoy the enthralling and amusing performances of kids at Surat, Rajkot and Bhavnagar during the GNC day event in presence of Pujya Deepakbhai.

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Pujyashree Special Quiz

Deepakbhai's birthday month is here!! How about a quiz on him to know our beloved Pujyashree better?!!

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Uk & Germany Tour 2014

Satsang time for elders, but fun time for kids!! Check out all the fun, children from UK & Germany had with our dear Deepakbhai

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