Amreli Pranpratishtha Mahotsav


 Pujyashree being escorted by custodians of little Akram Army


 Dance performances by girls and boys on the day before Amreli

Trimandir Pranpratishtha Mahotsav


 Girls and boys expressing their love towards the Trimandir


 We bow to the lord who will instill life in the idols


 Grand welcome of Pujya Deepakbhai on the day of Pratishtha Ceremony


Heading towards the glamorous Mandir on the floral path…

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Interesting Exam Planner for Kids

They are closer,

They are almost here!

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Use 'Fill 'N' Follow', an interesting exam planner! All you have to do is print

the colourful and interesting sheet given below. Fill in your details of

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Fill n follow_black nd white


Want to save time with exams being overhead? Remove a coloured printout of the image below and simply 'Fill 'N' Follow'!



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Republic Day Special

This Republic Day inculcate the feeling of oneness and get to know what really True Achievement is.

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Bhakti takes a cute form


Blend of innocence to Swami's prakshaal


After a holy bath let me wipe you dry...


Hearty obeisance to the vitaraag lord

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Let's Revive our Dada Bhagwan Today

On the occasion of Dada Bhagwan's Punyatithi let's recall and
get acuainted with the deep insight of our great Dada Bhagwan     
even in His childhood through Life Incidents of Dadashri.

Feel the warmth,presence and importance of Dada Bhagwan and His
incredible Akram Scienceand let others feel it too!!Send this amazing     
e-card that assures Dada Bhagwan is Always With You.
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