Wallpaper of the Month

Seek blessings from Amba Mataji and invite Her to reside on your desktop through this Wallpaper of the Month 

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Special Janmashtmi Updates

Lord Krishna has come to share a noteworthy message on what true devotion is; enjoy this puppet show Inner Intent of Lord Krishna.

Celebrate the festival of Janmashtami through a Special Video showing glimpses of Janmashtami celebration with Pujya Deepakbhai and Pujya Niruma.

An amusing Musical Puppet Show that will add beats to your bhakti. Watch and enjoy.

Adorn your computer through this Special Janmashtmi Wallpaper of August-2011

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Story of 9 gems: Anuj finds the second gem

A novel understanding has brought for you a new outlook toward religions.

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Kids Activities GP-2014

See the little scientists wearing lab coats of Gnan and connecting physical science to spiritual science in Kids Activities GP-2014

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Happy Friendship Day

Happy Friendship Day

     Happy Friendship Day Dear Kids.

Let today be the perfect day to take a step towards becoming a perfect friend and take a chance to thank all your friends for being with you at all times.

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