Pop up Animation- Story on Kalam-1

The most awaited pop up animation movie is finally here. The secret to what brought an 'An Incredible turn' in Anuj's life has been unfolded. Check it out!!

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Mask 2014 at Amba School

An exciting fun and knowledge filled exhibition called Mask 2014 was held at Amba School for excellence.  It was an excellent platform for the kids to showcase their talents of oratory and creativity. 

Dscn 0493

  Enthusiastic kids busy preparing for the upcoming event

Dscn 0527

  Colors of right understanding beautifying the lives of the little ones


Inauguration ceremony of the Mask 2014 event


  Prayers we say before we begin our special day

Akram Science Drama

A fabulous skit performance by the students on Adjust Everywhere


Presentation of the books made by the bright pupils

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'If I Were a kite'-Contest Results

Have a look at the bright and witty entries of the budding artists and find out who won the 'If I were a kite' contest.

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Republic Day Story - True Achievement

This Republic day, the secret behind 'True Achievement' has been unveiled. Come and grab this noteworthy message…
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Dukh che j kyan? - Animated story

Enjoy this cute story about little rats Tiku and Miku that unravel a noteworthy message for a happy life - 'Dukh che j kyan?'

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