Gnan Vidhi kids’ care

Gnanvidhi -kids -care3

Budding artists heading towards the creative area

Gnanvidhi -kids -care2

 A fun filled contest for kids: 'If I were a kite' 

Gnanvidhi -kids -care

  A big smile after a frolic filled Sunday 

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Small idol Pratishtha at Simandhar City

Simcity -Prstishtha -5

Simandhar Swami arrived...from Mahavideh to Bharat kshetra

 Simcity -Prstishtha -2

Gentle Prakshal with tender hands

 Simcity -Prstishtha -3

Floral pujan after a holy prakshal

 Simcity -Prstishtha -1

I love you Swami

 Simcity -Prstishtha -4

Bhakti for the Vitarag lord will bring Vitaragta


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Flying high: ‘If I were a kite’

The colorful festival of Uttarayan has brought with it an exciting opportunity to win prizes. Pen down what would you do 'If you were a kite'

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B-MHT’s blast at Nirant

Babies' day out!! Find out what the MHT babies did while sneaking into the dwelling of the elderly.

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GNC Meet at Surat

Surat -gnc -1

Padharo Mhare Des!! Colorful welcome for Pujyashree by our L-MHT team of Surat

Surat -gnc -2

  Hey!! Do you know about the magical glasses given by our dear Dada Bhagwan?

Surat -gnc -3jpg

Come on gals!! Let us all go to the GNC meet @ Surat to know about Dada Bhagwan

 Surat -gnc -4

Dada's Gnan, for the children, by the children & in their 'own' language thru' a skit

Surat -gnc -5

Tiny tots saying - 'This is where we want to go!! Beyond the the Swami!


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