Pujyashree’s Global Tour to the South

Australia -3

Kids escorting Pujyashree to His room

 Australia -2

We will show you the way Pujyashree!

New -Zeland -5

New Zealand kids spend unforgettable time with Pujyashree


Memorable moments with Pujyashree at the Bay Garden

Singapore -1

Enjoying the lion dance in the lion city

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Inauguration of Dada Nagar hall

Dadanagar -1

Floral welcome of Pujyashree in Dada Nagar hall by LMHTians

Dadanagar -2

Baby MHT blossoming buds at their best

Dadanagar -3

An auspicious opening of the grand hall of Dada Nagar

Dadanagar -5

Greeting the Gnani with garland of love

Dadanagar -4

Aarti done by Gnan Mandir kids

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Janmashtami Celebration 2013

Janmashtmi -2

King of kings on the royal cot

Janmashtmi -1

Vibrant and holy colours of devotion

Janmashtmi -7

Shower of Sweet prasadi

Janmashtmi -5

Pujyashree expresses His love and devotion

Janmashtmi -6jpg

  Musical welcome of Bal Krishna

Janmashtmi -3

Strings of bhakti connecting all

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Unique Janmashtami Contest

What interesting or whacky are you doing this janmashtami? Pen it or draw it and tell us

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Special darshan for little ones!

Mht -1

Babies' day out for darshan!

 Mht -2

Shining Mahatmas of tomorrow

 Mht -3

Lucky Little MHTians

 Mht -4

Special Prem Prasadi from Gnani

 Mht -5

Little girl seeking solution from Pujyashree


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