Kisumu Tour 2013

Kisuma -1

In the arms of the divine

 Kisuma -2

Pujyashree in a playful mood

 Kisuma -3

So when will you start singing 'Aseem jai jai kaar'?


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Gurupurnima UK 2013 Shimmers with Gnan

GP-London -4

The Baby MHT and  Little MHT kids performing on stage during GP at London

GP-London -2

  Prayer song presented by little girls

GP-London -3

Kids expressing joy in their style

GP-London -5

 Little MHT kids on the dance floor

GP-London -7

Girls designing colourful Aarti thaalis for Guru Purnima

GP-London -1

 Aarti: An enlightening end to the occasion

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Gurupurnima Jacksonville- 2013


The perfectly poised picture


 Three cheers for Dada's Little MHT!


  The auspicious festival of Guru Purnima celebrated with pomp and show


Enthralling performance by the tiny tots on the occasion of Guru Purnima


Dada's little Akram Army growing globally


 While parents are away, through 'Fun with Gnan' the kids play

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Friendship day story and e-card

Cute tiny tots have come to share their True friendship fable


Cherish the bond of your friendship through this E-card

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