Our Beloved Pujyashree's Birthday


Birthdy -2013-3

His laghuttamta... Seeking blessings from Mahatmas

Birthdy -2013-1

  To Pujyashree...with love

Birthdy -2013-4

  A sweet touch to the event!

Birthdy -2013-2

  May the Sun bestow its shimmers on Him...

Birthdy -2013-6

  A huge, splendid and dazzling celebration

Birthdy -2013-5

Rejoicing the day He was born on...


Colourful and Heartfelt Birthday wishes from the little ones for Pujyashree






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UK Tour - 2013

Learning to share…

Uk -2

 Come on kids come and grab your share

Uk -3

This one is for you

Uk -4

Jay satchitanand Pujyashree

Uk -5

Can I ask you something

Uk -6

How can you share your favourite things? I dont like to share mine

Uk -7

By Sharing things your mind becomes noble...

Uk -8

The value of noble mind is much more than this chocolate its helpful for moksh

Uk -9

So now take this chocolate and try to inculcate the virtue of nobility

Uk -10

Pujyashree give me strength to forever remain noble

Uk -11

May dada bless you child

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Pujyashree’s next global trip:UK


April -uk -12

Wrap yourself up with Dada's Gnan and stay protected like this chocolate.

 April -uk -7

 Fortunate Kids of UK being offered a morsel by Pujyashree.

April -uk -6

 Grow up to join the Akram Team, lad.


 Little girls of UK, being showered with blessings.

April -uk -2

The tiny tots of UK expressing their devotion through aarti...  

April -uk -3

Dancing to the tunes of bliss never experienced before...

April -uk -1

 With ultimate humility I ask...


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Kids Camp

Get updated with this years Summer Camp Details. Some cool fun coming your way this hot summer!

Kids -camp -Scheduled

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Website Updates

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