BMHT celebrated Republic day


Tiny tots doing Republic day parade..


Munching time...


Watching animation movie on patriotism

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Just for You Niruma!


 Special Doughnut cake for Niruma


Decorating the cake with

Niruma's message "Prem Thi Rehjo!"



Voila!  Final product made with all our love….

Happy Birthday Niruma! 

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Fascinating facts about Niruma


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Niruma's Birthday Celebration Week- LMHT Mumbai

Mumbai LMHT-Niruma1

Niruma:   Premi Thi Rehjo...Promise?


Mumbai LMHT-Niruma4

Little Mahatmas:  Prem thi Rahishu....Promise!

Mumbai LMHT-Niruma2

Hey Dada Jagat Kalyan karo....

Mumbai LMHT-Niruma3

   Making garlands for Niruma 


Mumbai LMHT-Niruma5

To Niruma...With Love

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Niruma's Birthday Celebration Week- LMHT Simandhar City

LMHT-Niruma's bday 1

Watching Niruma's birthday special video 

LMHT-Niruma's bday 2

Making garlands for Niruma

LMHT-Niruma's bday 3

We love you Niruma

LMHT-Niruma's bday 4

Enjoying Niruma's favourite food 'Kheechu'

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