Niruma Special Video

Pioneering a song (pad) with visuals. Little ones relate your cherished inner intents for our beloved Niruma in an innovative way.

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Pujyashree Gnan Day Celebrations

On the auspicious occasion of Pujyashree's birthday the tiny tots of Simandhar city gave a splendid dance performance leaving the audience enchanted.

Pujyashree -Gnan -Day -4

The little soldiers on the dance floor!

Pujyashree -Gnan -Day -3

The army marching through Akram path.

Pujyashree -Gnan -Day -1

As you conquer over inner enemies you will feel lighter than this balloon!!

Pujyashree -Gnan -Day -2

A perfect click: The Veer Sena with its Commander in Chief.  

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L-MHT visit to deaf and dumb school

Pics -4

Enthralling performance by the budding stars of Deaf and Dumb school

Pics -2

Kids displaying their splendid handmade photo frames

Pics -3

 The arrival of LMHTians of Simandhar City to the deaf and dumb school

Pics -1

 A glimpse of the creative work done by the students of the deaf and dumb school

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LMHT Centre Update - Mulund LMHT

LMHTians from Mulund Centre (Mumbai) had a surprise waiting for them!! A guest visitor,  Krupaben who studied Home Science in Nirmalaniketan College, was going to teach them some new creative skills. The only instructions the kids had was - bring along a few playing cards. In the session, Krupaben showed them how to fold these cards and arrange them to make a creative frame! 
Bombay -2
Guest visitor showing technique of folding cards

Bombay -1
Linking the cards, making a frame!
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Website Updates


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