Drawing Contest Results

The results for the most awaited Drawing contest on 'A day with my favourite Bhagwan' are finally out! All invited to see the colourful artwork of the tiny tots.

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Dada's 105th Janma Jayanti Celebrations

Catch a glimpse of the Grand Opening Ceremony and Children's Park held on a gigantic scale in Bhavnagar  as part of Pujya Dadashri's 105th Janma Jayanti Celebrations.

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MHT's celebrating Niruma's Birthday

Pujya Niruma's Birthday Celebrations in Kolkata

As part of the celebrations for Pujya Niruma's Birthday, a team of little MHTians from Kolkata performed a drama titled "From Gundagiri to Dadagiri" in the live presence of Pujya Deepakbhai.

The drama was based on a character called Munnabhai who was explicitly doing 'Gundagiri' until he got Dada's Gnan. He then turned around and started a radio talk show helping people out of their problems - hence 'Dadagiri'.

Some photos of the same...


At radio station with Munnabhai advising listeners

Kolkata -2

    Circuit and Munnabhai Chatting     

Kolkata -5

 Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law waiting for Munnabhai on radio

Kolkata -6

 Mother and daughter facing each other with problems: The daughter loves to play the guitar while mum does not like the hobby.

Kolkata -4

 Pujyashree blessing the MHTians who performed the drama

Kolkata -3

 Munnabhai and his group of listeners

  Pujya Niruma's Birthday Celebrations in Simandhar City


Ymhtians carrying Niruma's Palkhi during Prabhat Pheri

 Baby -4

Bless us Niruma that we attain Absolute Purity for doing Jagat Kalyan


Kids expressing their wishes filled with love for their Real Mother...

Baby -1

  Prem thi Raheshu....Promise

Baby -3

We bow down to the World's Best Mother

Baby -2

Provide us with Strength Maa that we always stay in Abhedta with everyone


Lmht Kids preparing chocolate balls to celebrate Niruma's Birthday

Baby -5

Niruma I promise I won't hurt others...  

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Niruma Special Video & Bookworld

Come and join us in celebrating our beloved REAL Mother Niruma's birthday by taking a trip down memory lane with this special video...

At last, available online the long awaited Neel Series 4...

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Photo Gallery & Blog Updates

Relive the fun of Pujyashree's tour to Africa n Dubai...

Glimpses of Dubai Tour & Kenya Tour

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