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Dubai Tour 2012


Dubai -1

Mahatmas singing 'Dada Bhagwan na Asim Jai Jai kar ho'


Dubai -2

Pujya Deepakbhai  in conversation with a Baby Mahatama


Dubai -3

Kids doing Aarti with intense bhaav along with Pujyashree


Dubai -4

 Prayers for Jagat Kalyan to Dadashri and Pujya Niruma


Dubai -5

  Young mahatmas seeking blessings from Puyjashree


Dubai -6

Recite Trimantra with extreme devotion

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Kenya Tour 2012

Kenya -tour -10

Joyous moments with Pujyashree taking in Kenyan Culture and Fauna


Kenya -Tour -2012-1

Pujyashree observing orphaned elephants being fed at Daphne Sheldrick Centre


Kenya -Tour -2012-3

Nairobi BMHTians and LMHTians grooving to the tunes of the ISTAR song


Kenya -Tour -2012-2

Opening of Cultural Program by Nairobi LMHTians with a dance on the Trimantra


Kenya -Tour -2012-7 Pujyashree enjoying the drama


Kenya -Tour -2012-6

A drama on Maa Baap Chokra no Vyavahar by LMHTians


Kenya -Tour -2012-5

A drama on Maa Baap Chokra no Vyavahar by LMHTians


Kenya -Tour -2012-4

Nairobi BMHTians and LMHTians grooving to the tunes of the ISTAR song


Kenya -Tour -2012-8

All BMHTians and LMHTians praying for Jagat Kalyan


Kenya -Tour -2012-9

  Pujyashree reviewing Aarti booklet created by Nairobi YMHTians

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Delhi and Jaipur Tour Updates


Jaipur -dilhi1

Special blessings from Pujya Deepakbhai - May I grow up to be like you!!


Jaipur -dilhi -5

New Delhi little mahatmas getting ready to sing for Jagat Kalyan


Jaipur -dilhi -3

  Extremely Punyashali Baby Mahatma being moulded by Pratyaksh Gnani


Jaipur -dilhi -2

Strike a pose - treasured moments with Pratyaksh Gnani


Jaipur -dilhi -4

 Professing their love and devotion for their beloved Gnani


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Madhya Pradesh Council of Science & Technology visits Adalaj Trimandir

Senior Scientist Dr. D. K. Umak, Mrs. Usha Dande, Scientist Mr. Vikas Shende along with other teachers came with students from various schools of MP.

All these class 9 students are toppers getting results above 95%. 

They stayed at 'Stop n Stay' for 3 days and visited Science City and other science exhibitions in Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar.

With courtesy of a mahatma, all these students, teachers and scientists were given sets of Dada's Books for their respective schools and registered to receive monthly "Akram Express" subscription for 1 year.


Number of Students: 85

Teachers of various schools also joined them...

  • Mr. Prashant Kumar Sahu - Govt. H.S.School Shahpur, Distt. Dindori, M.P.
  • Dr. Navneet Narolia - Govt Pt. L. S. Jha Model Higher Secondary School of Excellence, Jabalpur.
  • Mr. Prakash Parmar - National   Adarsh Dhakad Vidyapeeth, Dharasikheda, Badnawar  District Dhar MP.
  • Mr. Matlub Ahmed - Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya,Beekar,Datia(M.P)
  • Ms. Suwarna Kharche - Govt.High School Sindhakheda Kala, VillageSindhakheda Kala, Tehsil-Khaknar, Dist-Burhanpur(M.P.)
  • Mrs. Karuna Verma - Govt. Divisional Residential School, Katara Hills, Bhopal.
  • Mrs. Uma Sisodiya - Carmel Convent Sr Sec. School, Amlai M.P
  • Ms.Sarika Gharu - Govt.H.S.School Sandiya, Pipariya, Dist. Hoshangabad, MP.

All our sevarthis from Unodari, Stop n Stay, Trimandir really enjoyed their visit.


Darshan of Simandhar Swami

Vignan -bharti -1

Lining up for lunch

Vignan -bharti -unodari -(2)


Waiting  for breakfast at Unodari

Vignan -bharti -unodari -(1)


Listening attentively to story of Simandhar Swami

Vignan -bharti -(3)

Posing with teachers, scientists and Unodari sevarthis

Vignan -bharti -unodari -(8)

Posing with teachers, scientists and Unodari sevarthis 1


Vignan -bharti -unodari

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