Meghani High School, Bagasara, Amreli visiting Adalaj Trimandir

The 20 students of class 10 and 2 teachers were impressed by the exhibition and Dada Bhagwan's Life Story held in Trimandir - Adalaj. Through the projector show on "Athdaman Tado", they learnt that life is full of happiness if we apply the right understanding.

Darshan of Swami in Trimandir, Adalaj

Meghani -school-

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G.H. Patel (B Ed) College visiting Adalaj Trimandir

100 collegians with 7 teachers visited the Trimandir. After doing darshan in the Mandir, they really enjoyed watching a documentary on Niruma through which they learnt about "Atma Darshan" and also visited Dada's Museum which depicts the life story of Pujya Dadashri.

 Attentively watching a documentary on Niruma.

G -h -patel -bed -1

Darshan of Shiv Bhagwan, Hanuman Bhagwan & Ganesh Bhagwan

G -h -patel -bed -2


Browsing through Dada's Museum

 G -h -patel -bed -3

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Shri Sandipani Vidyalaya visit Rajkot Trimandir

Shri Sandipani Vidyalaya, Rajaram nagar visits Rajkot Trimandir.

Date: 26 & 27 September 2012
Students: 155
Teachers: 8

They spent about 1 hour at Trimandir enjoying DARSHAN, ARTI and watching
spiritual films: Jadui Chashma, Total Experience and Niruma's Documentary.

Shri Sandipani Vidyalaya -26,27 Sept (1)

Shri Sandipani Vidyalaya -26,27 Sept (2)

Shri Sandipani Vidyalaya -26,27 Sept (3)

Shri Sandipani Vidyalaya -26,27 Sept (7)

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Simandhar Swami Story Continues..

Simandhar Swami Story--Read ahead...this part would surely interest you! Find out how Lord Simandhar Swami was as a student!!

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October 2012 Wallpaper

Download this special wallpaper - a reminder of where and why conflicts happen! 

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