Celebration of Guru Purnima in Dallas

Dallas Gurupurnima 2012


Welcome Pujyashree...

Dallas -photo -3.


Performance by Little Stars on the Occasion of Gurupurnima at Dallas

Dallas -photo -1


Kids Engrossed in Activity during Event

Dallas -photo -2.


Dance Performance by Kids

Dallas -photo -4.

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Simandhar Swami Story + Latest Wallpaper

Read along to see what happens next in our Simandhar Swami Story..


Download the latest wallpaper to energize yourself with feelings of awe for your Guru..

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Latest Akram Express & Experience of Youth MHT

Download the latest Akram Express of this month featuring the understanding behind "Not being on Speaking Terms"


Read the amazing experience of a Youth mahatma describing the Great Learning she has gained in her life by attending YMHT sessions..

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Where is God? - Bhagwan Kya Chhe? Book Promo

Yes, you're right.. a new picture book for tiny tots.. Where is God? 

Preview it before you get it.. to be launched during Gurupurnima Celebrations in USA this July


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Pujyashree Gnan Day 2012 Special Video

Watch the cute Baby Mahatmas performing a devotional song for Pujyashree on his Gnan Day this year, and be astounded to hear the lovely message they had for Pujyashree...

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