Amba School New Building Opening

Pujyashree ringing the first bell 

Pujyashree -ringing -the -first -bell1



Opening of school by Pujyashree

Opening -of -school -by -Pujyashree1



Pujyashree taking Aashirwad

Pujyashree -taking -Aashirwad -new



Pujyashree watching presentations in classrooms

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Kids and Youth in Activities during Hindi Shibir held in Simandhar City on 18th and 19th May.

    Kids Engaged in Art Activity  

Kids Engaged In Art Activity


Wrapping Chocolates  

Girls In Seva Session


Story Telling

Story Telling

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Baby MHT Celebrating Pujyashree's Birthday

Happy Birthday








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Happy Birthday Pujyashree

May Swami, Dada, Niruma, Dev, Devis grace you with a healthy long life so that you continue to spread spiritual bliss to everyone

Pujyashree -birthdy

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Pujyashree with Kids in Germany and UK



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