Happy Friendship Day

Real Friendship 


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A Virtual Tour of Simandhar City - Presentation by U.S kids

Virtual tour

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Happy Gnan Day Pujya Niruma!!

July 8th- Niruma's Gnan Day

Let's experience the closeness with Ma through a soul stirring song

  'Hase wo jab trupti ho....'

Niruma's Gnan day


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Fragrant blessings from Pujyashree

Fragnant Blessings1


Fragnant Blessing-2


Fragnant Blessing-3


Fragnant Blessing-4


Fragnant Blessing-5


Fragnant Blessing-6

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A Divine Reunião

Pujyashree with a bird

A Brazilian bird acknowledging the Gnani with reverence

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