Jai sat chit anand Friends!!!

We have all witnessed every deity or God being revered through Aarati in our homes as well as in temples, but do we really know why it is done? Friends, lets understand the real science behind this devotional worship of Aarati from the Gnani’s point of view.


Aarati (circulating a “diya” or lit lamp in front of deity or God with a prayer song sung at the time) is considered an important medium for the devotional worship (bhakti) of God. It is a way of showing respect and love towards God and it also pleases them. Whatever one worships that is what one will become.

Benefits of AARATI (in our worldly life)

Doing aarati on a daily basis helps us in many ways. This is the cash bank and hence we can see immediate results.

• Our mind remains focused and the entire day is peaceful.  
• It immediately removes adverse thoughts (that negatively affect self and others) from our minds.
• Worries relating to situations or problems disappear.
• There are no conflicts or arguments at home.  
• It purifies our environment and fills it with bliss.
• We all attain good values like honesty, sincerity, morality etc.

Benefits of AARATI (in our spiritual life)

Apart from bestowing umpteen benefits in our day to day life, by doing aarati regularly, there are also other benefits that we derive which help us in our spiritual goals.

• By doing their aarati, we become one with Dada and Simandhar Swami.
• At home, if the aarati is done in the right way (with focus and faith), then Dada’s subtle presence is there.
• If Dada is present, then all the celestial beings (dev - deviyo) will be present and they will bestow their grace on us.
• With their continuous grace, difficulties will not arise.
• If we do aarati of the awakened One (Dada and Simandhar Swami) it will bear fruits of MOKSHA (which is the ultimate goal of human life)

When we can get double benefit (worldly as well as spiritual) by doing aarati regularly with focus and sincerity, then why should we not take the advantage and remain in a blissfull state.