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Collect the gems of Spiritual Science one by one...Read the scientific solutions that Pujya Dadashri has given to everyday problems like anger, conflicts, lying etc. Gain the invaluable scientific understanding behind things like, why do things happen to us?; Dreams?; Pratikraman?; Antahakaran? etc. Understand the importance of how and why we should interact with our parents, and teachers etc


Simandhar Swami :

Do you know who Simandhar Swami is? Read along this wonderful illustration of the Current Living Tirthankar Shri Simandhar Swami who resides in Mahavideh Kshetra, and make a wish to be born in his shelter in your next birth.

Life Incidents of Pujya Dadashri:

Dada Bhagwan was an outstanding Atma Gnani (Self Realized Person) of the modern age. Since childhood, he was interested in realising the soul and the ultimate truth. He used the scientific approach of analyzing the events of daily life, breaking free from rigid wrong beliefs and emphasizing on true understanding. We hope that by reading the inspiring episodes from his childhood, you will also be encouraged to find the true goal of life and a way out of unhappiness and life's problems.

Moral Stories :

Read along some wonderful stories that will inspire you to behave in a civilised and globally accepted manner. Learn values such as telling the truth, respecting elders, loving everyone and helping the needy.

Mythological Stories :

Here we bring to you a collection of popular myths and legends that will take you to times of yore when gods co-habited with humans, divine voices could be heard and visions seen. Know more about the gods you worship every day, the extraordinary sacrifices made and great feats achieved.


Enter the wonderful world of imagination and make believe linked with practical solutions to everyday situations. Books for every age group in a variety of styles makes an illuminating read for all. Available in English, Gujrati and Hindi.


A one-stop-shop colourful monthly magazine geared for children aged 8 to 14 years depicting a selection of question-answer satsangs with the Gnani, scientific revelations, stories in various forms, fun and games, competitions and pictures. Download it and read, or subscribe to it, to be delivered right to your doorstep. Available in English and Gujrati.


Come and read the wonderful experiences that children, youth and parents alike have had with the application of this practical spiritual science


Find explanations to many words, topics, themes that may pop up frequently on this site.


Come and test your "out of the box" thinking here. Can you figure out the answers to these brainteasers?


Have a great laugh reading these humoristic jokes.

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