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Birth Celebrations

celebrations of birthdayThe festival of his birth was celebrated with great zeal and jubilation not only by his parents, relations and subjects of the kingdom, but also by the Celestial Gods and Goddesses, since he was not an ordinary boy but a divine soul and born with three kinds of knowledge-Mati gnan(intellect), Shrut gnan (Scriptural knowledge recieved through hearing), and Avadhi gnan (knowledge of knowing past and future)and would eventually become a first Tirthankar, amongst all Twenty of the 5 Mahavideh Kshetra. This was the festival of his Janma Kalyanak Mahotsava.

The Celestial beings had prepared a huge plane with large wings containing lots of special seats for other Gods and Goddesses who were going to accompany Lord Indra Dev to welcome the new born baby. The giant plane was decorated with all kinds of sparkling gems and gold. They set off from the heavens and soon reached the palace of King Shreyans to take part in all the celebrations and pomp of the divine birth. They bestowed Lord Simandhar Swami with lots of precious gifts, ornaments and crown gems.

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