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Prayer to Simandhar Swami

Prayer to simandhar swami

Just a mere glimpse (Darshan) of the enlightened Lord will enable one to attain Moksha if he is ready. Therefore, our prime goal of this life should be to attain the spiritual understanding (Gnan) through the grace of a living and present Gnani. Our link with Simandhar Swami was created by Dada Bhagwan so that we too are able to walk on the path that will take us to Moksh. Dada Bhagwan was the fully manifested pure soul within A. M. Patel, a Gnani of our time cycle. So when we pray through the medium of Dada Bhagwan to Simandhar Swami, our direct link with Simandhar Swami is strengthened such that we will be born at Swami's feet in our next birth. We should sincerely pray every day in this way,

"Keeping Shree Dada Bhagwan as my witness, I bow to Lord Shree Simandhar Swami who is present in Mahavideh Kshetra. Oh Lord, may my next birth be at your feet and in your shelter. Make me just like you and please take me to Moksh."

Our salutations will reach Lord Simandhar Swami and he will always help us. So, don't just remember Him during the time of your exams, but make it a habit of praying to Him as the first thing every morning!

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