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Queen Satyaki's Fourteen Dreams

Trishla -mata

 In her fourteen dreams, Queen Satyaki saw the following things:

 1. A thundering lion. 

 2. An elephant mad with intoxication.

 3. A white ox with high shoulders.

 4. Laxmi, the goddess of wealth, seated on the lotus throne.

 5. Two fragrant garlands.

 6. Moon in the assembly of stars.

 7. Rising sun.

 8. A large flag flying on a golden stick.

 9. A magnificent holy urn filled to the brim with clean water.

 10. A lake filled with fragrant lotuses.

 11. The roaring ocean.

 12. A chariot of gods (celestial plane) illuminated with gems.

 13. A great heap of gems and precious stones.

 14. A smokeless fire which emitted a radiant glow.

All in all, these dreams indicated that the son to be born to Queen Satyaki would be a Tirthankar. After the birth of Lord Simandhar Swami, the whole kingdom of Pundarikgiri turned prosperous, worry-free, peaceful and healthy. As the feelings of hatred and deceit vanished from everyone's heart, all became friends. Everyone was eager to do darshan of the divine soul that had been born amongst them.

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