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Samovasaran by Celestial Gods

samovasaran by celestial Gods

News of the Lord's Keval Gnan spread around like wild fire and all the Gods and Goddesses began to prepare for the Lord's special divine discourse (deshana) to mankind. A special stage like set-up was created by the Gods for this extraordinary event. This arrangement is known as the 'Samovasaran'. From here, Lord Simandhar Swami would address all the creatures in all the four life-forms. In the 'Samovasaran', the Gods created three different levels under Bhagwans' throne. The first level at the bottom is made from silver and all the horses and vehicles are kept here.  The second level next to this is made of gold. It is the level within which all animals and birds species are found. The third level, right next to the throne, is made up precious gem stones. On this level, the sadhus, sadhvis, gandharo, Kings, emperors, celestial Gods and Goddesses and ordinary humans are seated. A decorated ornate throne is set up right in the middle facing eastwards. Simandhar Swami Bhagwan sits here to give 'deshna'.

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