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Jai Satchitanand friends,

Have you ever adjusted yourself with the incidents happening in your day-to-day life? We generally adjust to the weather, environment, and culture. You may also be taking adjustments with people including your mummy, papa, brother, sister, and friends, but sometimes we find it difficult to adjust with some people. What happens if you don't adjust? You get into conflicts...which brings about suffering and takes away your peace.

Now, let's see what the true meaning of adjusting is and how valuable it is. 

Everyone gets along with easy-going and good-natured people but when you learn to get along with difficult, stubborn or harsh personalities, you have truly accomplished something. No matter how brazen and shameful a person is, if you know how to adjust without losing your temperament, it is well worth it. Losing your temper is useless.

adjust eveerywhere

Nothing in this world will 'fit' you. However, if you 'fit' into it, the world will be good. If you attempt to make it 'fit' you, it will be 'crooked.' Therefore,adjust everywhere. As long as you 'fit' into it, there will be no problems.

Dadashri says use this phrase,"Adjust Everywhere"in your life and peace will take hold.

If you don't learn anything else in worldly life it doesn't matter but learning to adjust is a necessity. You will sail through all difficulties in life if you adjust to anyone who misadjusts with you.

 A person who knows how to adjust with others does not suffer.A person who adjusts everywhere will never have the thought of "Why so?" or "Why is this happening to me?"

Adjusting settles our conflicts from previous accounts. Conflicts arise due to ignorance and only occur when our past karmas are ready to give their results. Adjust with the very person who misadjusts with you.

Whatever you say should be acceptable to other person and if he doesn't agree with you then it is your fault. Even if your attempt to adjust fails, adjust again.adjust everywhere2

Have you sometimes said things that would hurt the other person? Now, our speech is not under our control. It's also possible that after saying so, we immediately become aware of our mistake. At that time, it is necessary to take adjustments and say, "Sorry, I've spoken badly. It was my mistake. Please forgive me." In this way, an adjustment has been taken.You can only adjust if you correct your mistake.The intention is peace and the goal is peace.

Some practical phrases that can help you adjust everywhere are:

  1. Mingle with everyone
  2. Fit in with others, no matter what the situation
  3. Stay in sync with everybody

This is the key to avoid unhappiness - "Adjust everywhere."

Adjustment with each and every person is the highest religion.



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