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Many a times it happens in your day-to-day life that you become angry or lose your temper. Sometimes, you don't show your anger but inside you feel angry and that comes out later in your behavior with that person in form of speech or action. For example, when you come across that person, you don't speak properly with them, let them down, or upset them in one way or another.

Anger not only burns YOU from inside but also HURTS the feelings of others. Anger is a weakness.


Did you ever wonderwhy do you get angry?Dadashri says that many a times, we get angry:

  1. Because we don't get our own way.
  2. When somebody insults us through either their behavior or words.
  3. When the other person doesn't understand our view point.
  4. When we can't comprehend a situation.
  5. Because we have bound negative opinions for that person and based on those opinions, we often become angry on that person for little things.

There are several other reasons due to which we get angry. As a result, differences of opinion arise.What are the results of anger?Do you know? Dadashri explains that anger can result in the following things:

  1. You can bind karmas of revenge for your next life.
  2. You hurt others and no-one in your surrounding will like to be with you.
  3. It could ruin your health.
  4. You become weaker and the person you got angry on becomes stronger if they don't retaliate.

What can you do to become free of anger?

Dadashri has given us a magical eraser -"Pratikraman"to become free from anger. Pratikraman is simple. All we have to do is ask for forgiveness from the God within the person we hurt through our anger.

We should try to understand the viewpoint of others and avoid conflicts by trying to resolve differences instead of getting angry and being upset. We should not force our viewpoint on others, nor should we keep negative opinions in our minds for others. We can wash all of these off with Pratikraman.

So friends, try to use the magic eraser of pratikraman whenever you feel angry and try to resolve your anger by using one of Dadashri's keys above.

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