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Do you have dreams? Do these dreams scare you or make you happy? Why do we have dreams? What is the reason behind it? Let's unravel all these queries.

The science of 'dreams' is deep and mysterious. Many scientists have been conducting experiments to solve the mystery behind dreams. However, it is not ascertained yet.

Let's understand what Pujya Dadashri has to say about the science of dreams.

During dreams the mind, the intellect and the 'chit' are at work. However, the ego is in a dormant state. If ego was allowed to be active, the person would also become active. The person would either get up from his place and start a quarrel with the other person or just leave the place. Dadashri explains that if a pauper dreams that he is made King, he experiences exhilaration and on the other hand if a King dreams that he has turned a pauper, he would be depressed. He may even start weeping while still dreaming and maybe even after having woken up the effects may linger on in his mind throughout the rest of the day.


It is seen that young children get startled and scared in their dreams. These are called nightmares which have various bodily effects. All these effects can be scientifically proven. If dreams are so effective, how can they be considered unreal?

Dreams are collection of countless life cycles. It is not that a new event occurs in our life but actually it is result of past lives. What is the cause behind it? Dadashri explains that the happenings in our lives that we see with our open eyes are the matured fruits (fully grown) of our past deeds. However, dreams are the immature fruits (not fully grown) of our past merit and demerit karmas and have a much lighter effect on us. Both are results (effects of karmas) but because the ego is inactive, no new karmas (new causes) are bound in dreams. Once we come out of the dream, we need to understand that it was a dream and has passed away. But, if we relate the dream to anyone with reactions, at that time we are signing and setting the opinion that, "I had this dream and I did it".

Just handle it as a dream with no reactions then no karmas will be bound.

Getting dreams of Lord Shree Simandhar Swami, Dev Devi's, Param Pujya Dadashri, Pujya Niruma or Pujyashree Deepakbhai are very auspicious and it can be said that one has received special blessings from them. It is the result of purification of our 'chit'.

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