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Jai Satchitanand Friends,

One of the relationships found in the worldly life is the delicate guru-disciple relationship. It is a relationship in which, after surrendering to the guru, the disciple remains sincere to him for the rest of his life, and increasing his param vinay (absolute humility) for his guru, he abides by his instructions and attains ultimate liberation.

So friends, if you want to go to the station from here and get lost on the way, will you not have to ask someone for help? Whom would you ask?

Dadashri says whomever you ask becomes your guru (Teacher). Only when there is a guru will you find the way. You will need a guru until the very end. guru shishya1

Why do we need school teachers? Don't you need them when you wish to become educated?

A true Guru(teacher) is the one that is living and present, because only then the Guru can show us our faults and remove them. The real Guru removes your darkness (ignorance) and if you walk the road, he shows you light, then your anger, pride, deceit and greed, and your conflicts will decrease, and you will not experience worries or clashes at all. 

If you want to know about spirituality, then you need a guru too. You need a guru at every level, school, college, etc. Mother is the first guru. She will teach the son how to wear clothes, how to walk and do other things too.Gusushishya 2

Dadashri says, whole world is your Guru. If you make every living being your guru, and learn whatever you can from them, you will attain liberation. God is present in every living being so if you embrace and learn from them, you will attain liberation.

For example, you can learn from even the trees. What do we do to the mango tree? In order to pick the mango off the tree, we use a stick and beat at the branches, but even then, the tree gives us its fruit. If we learn just these virtuous qualities from the tree, how well we would progress spiritually! So, everything teaches us something.

If you want to attain guru's grace:

1. You must keep the guru happy and have full faith in him;
2. There should be no annoyance towards the guru;
3. The disciple should have humility towards his/her Guru;
4. One should never speak ill or see faults of Guru even if he makes any mistakes due to faults in his nature (prakruti). Otherwise, there is a terrible liability in doing so.

An ideal disciple is the one who abides by the Guru's instructions with utmost sincerity and is always thankful for the grace of his Guru.


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