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How to overcome fear

Jai Satchitanand Friends!

All of you must have experienced fear. Some of you might be afraid of your teacher, while others may be afraid of exams and some of you might be afraid of darkness while others may even be afraid of being alone and yet others may be afraid of ghosts. Sometimes we may not be afraid of anything at all, but if someone suddenly shouts "Boo" loudly behind us, we feel scared.

Have you ever wondered why we feel fear? What are its causes?

Is there truly anything in this world worth fearing?

Dadashri says hatred results in fear and where there is dislike, there is fear.


Perceiving a person or the thing to be bad is the root cause of fear.

For example one might have heard from others that these policemen are very bad. Having gained this knowledge hatred sets in first. On the basis of this knowledge, one will say, 'Policemen are the worst kind of people.' That is hatred. And then, when someday a policeman comes to one's home, one feels uneasy, even though the policeman may have just come to enquire about an address.

You will be afraid of whoever you hate. Fear of the snake and tiger arises from one's hatred towards them. If you dislike a lizard you will be afraid of it.

Do you know how we can free ourselves from hatred and dislike?
•    If you keep saying positive things about things you dislike e.g. if you don't like eating vegetables, saying words like, "it's good", "it's tasty" every time we eat them, will make the dislike for that item disappear.
•    Changing the bad opinion to a good opinion will make the hatred towards any person vanish. For example, if we change our opinion for the policeman from being bad to being helpful than automatically we will feel safe in his presence rather than getting scared of him!!
•    By seeing shuddhatma (pure soul) and doing Pratikraman(asking forgiveness) in the other living thing will wipe away all the fear. For example, if we are afraid of spiders then seeing shuddhatma in it and doing Pratikraman will definitely help us get rid of its fear.
Also, you should not scare others as that would be a misuse of your intellect.

So friends, one should only fear doing bad deeds, hurting others and binding demerit karmas but not fear anything else.

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