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Jai Satchitanand Friends, 

Do you know what 'Kusang' is, and what its negative effects are? Do you know how to come out of it? Well, read the story below and follow Dada's teachings on how to become skillful in avoiding 'kusang'.

Raj is in sixth standard. His results are out and his grades are very poor. Raj is scared about showing his results to his dad. Prem, his classmate, seeing his miserable face approached him, and asked, "Raj, are your grades bad?" Raj nodded, "Yes."  Prem asked, "Do you know why your grades are bad?" Raj replied, "I don't know."


Prem, being smart, said, "You have fallen into Kusang." Raj asked, "What is Kusang? I have never heard that word before." Prem explained, "Kusang means bad company. You wasted valuable time in useless talk and gossips as well as watching violent movies, playing cards and fighting with other classmates when it was time to prepare for the exam.

Dada says, we do not have the right to talk about anyone else. We have to look after our own affairs. Kusang causes pain and misery. One creates 'paap' (sins or demerit karmas) through Kusang and these in turn will sting you."

Kusang -1

Raj said, "What should I do if my friends come and gossip?" Prem responded, "Dada has explained that you should keep distance from bad company. You should do pratikraman for falling into bad company and make a firm determination that you will not do this again.

Raj asked anxiously, "Prem, will you be my friend?" Prem replied, "Certainly!" Raj asked him, "Where did you learn all this?" Prem answered, "My mother takes me to Satsang. Satsang means company of eternal. Satsang brings happiness. I go to the Little MHT classes. I have lots of friends there. Would you like to join me?" Raj was delighted, "Yes.

There after, Raj and Prem regularly went to various LMHT camps together. They had lots of fun there. Raj excelled in all exams and his parents were very happy with him too.

We hope that you can also apply Dada's teachings, and come out of any 'kusang' that you may have fallen into.

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