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Science of Pratrikraman (Forgiveness)

Jai Satchitanand Friends!

We all make mistakes, one way or another that bind us unknowingly. So, what should we do when we realize our faults and how should we get rid of them?

Dadashri says one should use the weapon that the Tirthankars and the Gnanis have given this world; the only weapon to combat such suffering is the weapon of spiritual science of Alochana (Confession), Pratikraman (Apology)and Pratyakhyan (Resolve not to repeat the mistake).

Have you heard about Kraman, Atikraman, Alochana, Pratikraman and Pratyakhyan? Let's see what they all are:

Kraman (Action)

It is a simple activity that doesn't hurt anyone. Our day-to-day activities like going to school, brushing teeth, running, eating breakfast and playing with friends come under kraman.

Atikraman (Hurting others by our mind, speech or body)

While playing with friends if one gets into an argument, becomes angry and starts using harsh language because the friends don't want to play the game one has suggested. Now, this is called atikraman(hurting others by speech). Hurting others by mind, body or speech binds demerit karmas.To reverse the effects of atikraman,one can use the 3-step process of alochana,pratikraman and pratyakhyan.

Step 1: Alochana (Confession)

Science of pratrikraman

Your alochana should be that having recognized your fault, you confess the mistake as it is. 'Alochana'is the first step to pratikraman which simply means confessing your mistake before any God you believe in, say Lord Krishna, Lord Rama, Lord Mahavira or Shree Simandhar Swami or even the Soul (Dada Bhagwan) residing within the person you have hurt.

Step 2: Pratikraman (Apology)

Pratikraman implies to ask for forgiveness with correct understanding and heartily repent the mistake you have committed. One should do pratikramanby seeing the pure soul in the person you have hurt and apologize with strong repentance. While doing pratikraman,heartfelt repentance for all the mistakes committed makes pratikraman meaningful.

Step 3: Pratyakhyan (Resolve not to repeat the mistake)

Pratyakhyan means to resolve never to repeat the mistake again. One can do pratyakhan by stating, "I have realized my mistake and have decided never to commit it again. What I have done is wrong and I take an oath never to repeat it again."

One can wash out and get rid of all the mistakes by doing the 3-step process of alochana,pratikraman and pratyakhyan. You heartily say in your mind, "Oh Inner Pure Soul, I ask for forgiveness from the Lord within all those whom I hurt knowingly or unknowingly with my mind, body or speech in the course of this day. I wholeheartedly repent. Please grant me the strength not to repeat these mistakes again."

Don't worry if the same mistake occurs again and again despite having done pratikraman.It is because there are many layers to a mistake, just like the layers of an onion. By repeating the three-step process of repentance every time a mistake happens, your mistakes will be washed out completely.

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