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The Value of Parents

Jai Satchitanand Friends!

Do you feel that your parents nag you or do not understand you? Do you feel that they are constantly scolding or reproaching you? Do you get angry and retort back to them?

Have you ever thought what value you would place on your parents? Can you ever replace them? Can you purchase new parents? Actually, whatever comes our way is precise and it is justice. The parents that we have are good and they are the right ones for us. We should not compare them with someone else's parents.

We should praise them.The value of parents 2We all have great obligations to our parents as they have always guided us onto the right path.

They have fulfilled all our wants and necessities. Don't they give us presents on our birthdays and holidays? They have fed us and paid our school fees. Yet, in return, they don't ask us to cook our own dinner ourselves, wash our own clothes or make us get a job.

We must never see faults in our parents. If we see faults in our parents, we will never be happy. We must never forget what they have done for us. We never forget someone's kindness even when they offer us a cold drink on a hot day, so how can we forget the kindness of our parents? If they say something disagreeable to us, we should overlook it. They are our elders. Don't they deserve our respect? Don't they try to keep us happy? All that parents' desire is the happiness of their child.

Dadaji says that looking after our elderly parents is the highest religion. What is the duty of today's youth? It should be to take care of their elders.

Looking after our parents wholeheartedly is counted as true service (seva). Dadaji says that immediate earnings are received as a result of serving one's parents. God is not visible but we can see our parents - so let's serve our parents.

The value of parents 1

Dadaji says, "People who wholeheartedly care for their parents find peace." That is the law of nature. People revere and worship stone idols and look after them but do the idols have aching limbs or feelings? On the other hand, our parents have feelings and can get tired from working hard all day - so why not help them out and show them that we care? They will definitely appreciate it.

In this world, we must have the highest reverence towards our father and mother. We can't forget the benevolence of those who have guided us onto the right path.

Dadaji says God resides in a home where there are no conflicts and that's why we should conduct ourselves in such a way that everyone at home is happy. We should try our best to think of their happiness.

So friends, if there were ever a time that we had done anything painful to our parents, for all those faults we should doPratikraman. Along with that, we should try to ask for strength never to hurt them and to be helpful to them without any negative feelings. If we do our best to make our parents happy in every way, we will be happy as well!

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