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Do you know what the true meaning of 'Mantra' is?

'Mantra' gives happiness, strength and stability to the mind. The "Tri-mantra", a completely impartial Mantra, pleases all the Gods and Goddesses and hence is very powerful. It removes all worldly obstacles and significantly lessens any major difficulties we face in life.

Pujya Dadashri says that, "Every morning, if you recall my face and recite this Tri-mantra for five times, you shall never fall down spiritually and shall gradually acquire liberation. I take full responsibility for this."

Many people recite various Mantras and yet they have worries, tensions and problems in their life as they don't know the true Mantra nor do they know who to worship while reciting those Mantras. They don't have the correct postal address and hence, all their letters (Prayers) go futile and remain unanswered. You have to decide, "May my Mantra (prayers) reach the real Sadhus, the real Acharyas and the real Upadhyays wherever they reside on this planet or anywhere in this whole universe." Then, it will automatically reach the Siddha Bhagwan and the Arihant Bhagwan.

Understand this Tri-mantra and then recite it. Where does this Mantra go? To whom does it reach? This Tri-mantra (three mantras) is to be recited together in order to destroy all worldly obstacles. It comprises of

(1) Navkar Mantra

(2) Bhagvate Vasudevya and

(3) Namah Shivay

Even though people have divided the places of worship, still the Lord had always said not to divide the Mantras and hence, we should recite all these three Mantras together as the Tri-Mantra given by Pujya Dadashri.

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