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Whatever Happens is Justice

Jai Satchitanand Friends!

Have you ever blamed others for your suffering? You must have heard about a court where people gather to get justice. Many a times, it seems that people don't get true justice but the court of nature always furnishes true, flawless and impartial justice. Let's see one such example:

Mrs. Patel withdrew the money from the bank and was on her way home. While passing one locality, she read a sign that said, "Beware of Thieves". She tightened the grip on her purse and started walking cautiously. Suddenly someone pushed her hard from the back. She fell down on the road. Before she could even realize what was happening, a man ran off grabbing her purse. She shouted at top of her lungs, "Thief! Thief! Help! Help! Thief! Some passerby came to her assistance and helped her to stand up. In the meanwhile, the thief had vanished from sight! A crowd gathered around Mrs. Patel. People started to say the time is so bad. There is no security now days. The police are corrupt. Even the politicians are corrupt. Saying so, everyone slowly dispersed.

Mrs. Patel use to go to Dadashri's satsang regularly. She remembered that Dada used to say, "Whatever has happened is justice. Nature's justice is flawless. The law of nature is such that if you are pure, no one can harm you."

She started thinking that the hard-earned money is of this life. Then Dada's words came to her mind again. Dadashri used to explain that all this is our own projection. Why do we blame others? No one else has a hand in it, so we should be cautious and understand that the entire responsibility lies on our shoulders. Some people say that by praying to God, one's troubles will go away. It's a wrong belief. People use God's name to escape from their responsibility. We are "Whole and sole responsible" for our actions. After all, the projection is only ours.Whatever happened is justice

So, she understood that although she had earned that money in this life, there must be pending account with the thief. It is the account of the past life because of which our things may be stolen or lost. Without such an account, nothing can be taken away from us. No one has the power to take anything away, and if anything is taken away, it is because of previous accounts.

Dada has compared nature's justice with the computer, as it exemplifies the similarity between feeding in data and the sowing of seeds (one's inner intentions called 'bhaav'). So, in this lifetime, whatever 'bhaavs' one has, these 'bhaavs' create new karmas for his coming life. That is like planting the seeds in this life, the result of which one will experience and realize in ones' next life. Therefore, whatever one experiences in this life is really the discharge or the result of ones' past karmas.

With this understanding, peace and calmness came over Mrs Patel's strained face. She was even able to smile on this whole episode. She saw the God within that thief and prayed to the God in him to give him the good sense to refrain from such acts. Thus, feeling totally light hearted, she started walking towards her house.

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