Happiness from unhappiness!

This event is about Dada with a little boy. As Diwali was near, the little boy made persistent demand to his parents to buy him fireworks. His mummy and papa were not buying him fireworks for some reason. When that little boy came to Dada, he cried and complained to Dada that he wanted to light fireworks, but his mummy and papa won’t allow it. 

Dada explained to him, “Tell me one thing, does a king light fireworks himself or makes his servants light the fireworks?”

 The boy replied, “He makes his servants light the fireworks.” Dada asked, “Then what does he do himself?” The boy replied, “He would sit back and watch the fireworks display.”

Dada said, “In that case which is more fun - to light the fireworks yourself, or to sit back, relax and watch someone else light them?” The boy laughed and answered, “It is more fun to sit back and watch.”  Dada said, “Then come and sit down next to me and we will both watch other people light the fireworks.”

The little boy forgot about his complaint right away and sat next to Dada.

See, Dada had wonderful way of dealing with children and was able to solve any problem with ease and find happiness from unhappiness.