Selfless Service should begin from home

Diya, Anjli and Nitya had formed a ‘Service Club’.It’s objective was to serve the orphans and the needy.

Diya-Anjli,please send an email to ‘Vishranti Foundation’ and inform them of the donation amount.

Diya-Nitya, please write an article detailing the services that our club provides. Anjli and Nitya- Ok

At home, Mum-I’ve had fever since afternoon.Will you please cook some oats? Diya-I’m tired.Please ask grandma.

The next morning, Grandma-Diya, your mother is still unwell.Can you please get these medicines for her?

Diya-Grandma,I really don’t have time.We have our Service Club’s meeting before school at Nitya’s place.

Grandpa-On one hand,you’re working to serve people and on the other hand,you aren’t serving your own mother.

Grandpa-Serving your parents is the greatest religion.Service should begin at home and then everyone else.

Diya- But today’s meeting is extremely important. It cannot be cancelled. Saying this, she ran off...

At Nitya’s house, Anjli- Vishranti Foundation has liked our work.They’re coming to give us a service award.

Principal-These girls have made the school proud and earned the blessings of the poor and orphans by service.

Principal-On behalf of our school,I heartily congratulate them and honor them with this service award.

Principal-Tomorrow,a newspaper reporter is visiting our school.They’ll publish an article on the Club.

Today,Diya was very excited to go to school.Just as she was leaving for school,the telephone rang.

Anjli- Diya, I can’t make it to school today.My mother has high fever and there is no one else at home.

Diya- But today the newspaper reporter is coming.How can you miss such an opportunity?

Anjli- How can I also miss the opportunity of serving my mother?You people can give all the information.

Anjli- Serving my mother is much more important to me than having a photo featured in a newspaper.

In school, Reporter-Where is your third friend? Diya-Her mother has fever and hence,she could not come.

Reporter-She’s taking care of her mother.People will get the message,selfless service always begins at home.

Reporter-Anjli,daughters like you,who help both their family and the society,are ideals for the society.

Diya-I served people only with an expectation of appreciation from others but Anjli has given true service