St. Nicholas

In Britain, children call him Father Christmas. In Germany, he is Kriss Kringle. And of course, you know him as a Santa Claus. But do you know that hundreds of years ago, Santa Claus was called by the name 'St. Nicholas'?

Hundreds of years ago, Nicholas lived in a seaside town named Myra which is now known as Turkey. Ever since Nicholas was a small child, he loved God more than anything. He studied hard, prayed often and followed God by helping the poor.

There was a man living in Myra who was very poor. This man had no wife but he had three young daughters who were of marriageable age. This man was so poor that he had no money for his daughters' marriages. Nicholas heard about this man's condition. One late night, Nicholas crept to the man's home and threw something through the window. It was a bag of gold which was enough to pay for his eldest daughter's wedding.

The man was overjoyed and his daughter was too. She married  happily but her father was still left with two younger daughters. Nicholas returned one night and again threw a bag of gold through  the window. The father rejoiced but he wondered who was helping him and why.

Of course, Nicholas didn't want the man to know. He believed that  it's best to help others without letting them know we're helping  them. If we help others in this way, it proves that we help because  we truly want to and not because to be praised by others for it.

But the father was determined to know who was helping him. He had  one daughter left and no money for his youngest daughter's marriage. He certainly hoped he would be helped again, especially  because he wanted to find out who was doing it. So, he locked the  windows and watched the door. Nicholas still wanted to help but he  didn't want to be seen. Therefore, in the back of the house far from  the father's sight, he dropped the bag of gold for the third daughter  right down the chimney!!

This way St. Nicholas helped the poor man and never expected  anything in return for his help. He only thought about what he could  give to those who needed help.

Moral: Anyone like St. Nicholas is actually a superhuman &  such a person is blessed by God & all the Deities because of  his nobility. In today's world, many people help others but  they wish to be recognised well in the society & they wish to  get something in return. But St. Nicholas was such kind of a  person who always helped others & never expected anything  in return. The law of nature says that if you help others  without desiring anything in return, you would receive  everything & would never find difficulty throughout your life.

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