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Gnani ni Chhaya Ma (GNC) is the umbrella under which all Dada Bhagwan Parivar's children and youth activities and programs fall including this kids website that you are looking at.

MHT Centres

Here children, young and old, all have a chance at healthy spiritual, moral and cultural growth through various fun filled activities. The many MHT (Mahatma) centres located in India as well as abroad are a place where the children can open up freely and have the right guidance and support for dealing with their so-called issues. The centres are further divided into three groups categorised by age:

Baby MHT - For tiny tots aged 3 yrs to 7 yrs

Little MHT - For blossoming buds aged 8 yrs to 12 yrs

Youth MHT - For healthy minded young adults aged 13 yrs to 21 yrs

Children's Park

Set up on an ad hoc basis for big events such as Pujya Dadashri's Birthday or Simandhar Swami's Pran Pratishta Celebrations. An exciting world for children and the whole family to discover - play zones, puppet shows, animation films, exhibitions etc.

Store of Happiness

This innovative building, situated on campus at Trimandir Sankul, houses indoor and outdoor areas of interactive fun and learn zones for children with the sole aim of encouraging them to open a store of happiness themselves.

Gnan Mandir

A socio-cultural initiative, Gnan Mandir Gurukul, located within campus of Trimandur Sankul, lodges and boards boys of age 12 years onwards, in a safe, comfortable and happy environment; thus catering to their overall moral, educational, spiritual, individual and social development.

Amba School of Excellence

Located on campus at Trimandir Sankul, this Gujrati Medium School has its foundation set in spiritual science and aims at an overall development of the child including academic excellence, physical development and enhanced spiritual, emotional & social awareness. The unique concept of Akram Science as a subject promotes the child's common sense and inner intuition.

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