DAY August 17, 2017

Janmashtami Celebration

Welcoming Pujyashree to hall

Jagat kalyan anthem & flag hoisting

Mataki fod 

Janmashtami celebration at Baroda Trimandir

Janmashtami celebration at Baroda Trimandir

DAY August 07, 2017

Raksha Bandhan around the world

Raksha Bandhan Celebration @ Simandhar City

Innovative kids making rakhi with biscuits!

A ‘delicious’ rakhi for Lord Simandhar Swami

Learning early: When there is teamwork, wonderful things can be achieved.

From I to We: From a single biscuit to a beautiful rakhi

Unison with God through the medium of rakhi

I tie this rakhi to the Gnanis who will protect me from inner evils

Baby MHT wishes everyone Happy Raksha Bandhan!

Kids in Mombasa bonding with God through rakhi

Kids in Mombasa feeling connected with God on Raksha Bandhan

Kids in UK: Will my tiny rakhi fit in His big arms

UK Rakhi festival: And now Swami will be there with me until moksh

Sydney kid engrossed in tying rakhi to lord Simandhar Swami

DAY July 10, 2017

Simandhar Swami Pratishtha- Philadelphia

I receive the direct benefit of doing Simandhar Swami’s pooja

May I spread fragrance to this world like this flower I offer you

and attain utmost purity by worshipping you…

I pray that you lighten up our lives like just this candle

Finally, I send my salutations and accept exclusive protection from Simandhar Swami