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1. Satsang clips - Watch satsangs in English and Gujrati on specific issues troubling you (be it personal, with parents, siblings, friends, teachers or anything else) and hear practical, effective solutions right from the Gnani.

2. Puppet Shows - Lights, Camera, Action! Check out these fun filled shows in English and Gujrati, a light-hearted way to share many moral and scientific concepts.

3. Special Videos - Relish the performance of cultural shows by children and youth "mahatmas" from around the world; Gain understanding of practical application of scientific knowledge and; Develop a fervent devotion for the Gnanis, through the inspiring special videos in this section.

4. Prayers - Sing along karaoke style to all the prayers depicted beautifully in this section.


Follow the Gnani through these eye-catching snapshots as he tours around the world, encouraging more and more children to join in the already growing Dada Bhagwan Parivar, with his universal love for all.


Download bright colourful wallpapers on a monthly basis and liven up your day.


Hear or download music specially written and sung in melodious tunes to your liking

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