DAY February 16, 2018

Pujyashree at Vadodara

His divine Darshan is what everyone seeks…

Bowing down to His lotus feet…

A heartily welcome

DAY February 05, 2018

You are my favorite!

Baby Mahatma- ‘Those are my favorite chocolates…’

Pujyashree- ‘Ok…let me give you some’

Baby Mahatma- ‘Besides chocolate, You’re my favorite. I want to go on a walk with You’

DAY January 26, 2018

Republic Day Celebrations in Baby MHT

Vande Mataram says BMHT Surat

Proud to be Indians: B MHT Surat

 Our hearts are full of love for India

 The BMHT smiling as they show their Republic Day activities

Indianism is in my heart

Colours of patriotism shining on faces of BMHT Simandhar City