• What if That Happened to Me? Download

    October 2017

    Param Pujya Dadashri has shown us a very simple and easy way to develop compassion towards all living beings.

  • True Happiness Download

    September 2017

    What is real happiness? What is real happiness like? So come, let’s taste a drop from the waterfall of that happiness.

  • Lord Krishna Download

    August 2017

    Why do people all over the world worship Lord Krishna? Let's find out through this Akram Express.

  • Common sense blossoms with adjustment Download

    July 2017

    Explore how common sense blossoms by adjusting with others.

  • Nobody likes an angry person Download

    June 2017

    None of us like to be disliked, right? So come, for that reason alone let us bid farewell to anger and experience freedom from it

  • Holidays are fun! Download

    May 2017

    Holiday time is your time. You can have fun but at the same time also obtain the right understanding.

  • Are we beggars? Download

    April 2017

    Have we ever noticed that we are hardly ever content with what we have and we are always asking for something more?

  • One is influenced by his company Download

    March 2017

    One becomes like the company one keeps! Let us understand the influence and characteristics of both, good and bad company in this issue.

  • Patience Download

    February 2017

    Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. Let's exercise patience!

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