Oh Really!

Sun is actually cold!

The sun does not emit any heat. Its nature is cold! It’s just a ball of light.

DETAIL – If the sun was hot, then just as we feel the heat here (at ground level), as we rise higher to 10,000 feet or 25,000 feet then we should feel more and more heat. But what happens when we rise higher? On a hill station, even on a summer day, cold winds blow, that’s because as we rise higher and higher it gets colder and colder. So that means the sun really doesn’t emit any heat. In reality, when the sun’s rays touch the surface of the Earth, heat is generated. Doesn’t that sound incredible?

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Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna and the 22nd Tirthankar (the fully enlightened one), Neminath Bhagwan, were first cousins as their respective fathers were brothers. Moreover, in the next cycle of 24 Tirthankars, Lord Krishna will be incarnated as the 12th Tirthankar and will be called Amam. So also, Lord Krishna’s mother, Devki, and elder brother Baldev are going to be born as Tirthankars in the next cycle of 24 Tirthankars.

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Lazy… Normal…Hyperactive??

There are two types of people. The ones with a laid-back attitude while others who are hyperactive in their work. Neither of them can progress.

DETAIL – In order to succeed in life, it is important to maintain normality in life and not get into any extremities of any kind. Normality helps maintain the right balance even if one faces challenges in life. Here’s an everyday example of normality- Suppose one has to reach a certain place at 8:00 am, a lazy person will remain in bed till 7:30 am, while the hyperactive one will wake up as early as 4:00 am and disturb everyone. Normality here is, to wake up at around 6:00 am and to be ready on time. Have you made your choice already?

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