Oh Really!

A fracture??

The moment a leg is fractured, is the only instance when one can say, “My leg is broken.” From the very next minute, the broken pieces start to heal and so from then on, it is only appropriate to say, “My leg is healing.”

DETAIL – A leg gets fractured at that very moment when one falls down or meets with an accident. Immediately from the next moment itself, the healing process starts naturally. It takes a bit of time for the leg to heal completely but till then, instead of saying, “My leg is fractured,” wouldn’t it be more appropriate to say that, “My leg is healing?”

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Fever… comes or goes?

Do you feel a fever coming on? No, in fact it is going! From the moment you feel the symptoms of a fever, it starts to leave.

DETAIL - Most people who say, “I have got fever,” are not aware of the day when the fever really started. The process of getting the fever had already started a while back. From the time one starts eating unhealthy foods, the process of getting the fever started. Now an arrangement has been made by nature for the fever to leave our body and we realize that the fever is leaving. Thus, when we are down with fever, in reality, it is leaving our body.

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Who binds karmas?

Only humans can bind karma. Animals and celestial beings cannot bind karmas.

DETAIL – Of all the living beings, only human beings possess highly developed intellect and ego. Using these, his thoughts, speech or actions either give happiness or unhappiness to other living beings. This in turn leads to the binding of karma. Do you now know what must one do in order to bind good karmas?

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