Oh Really!

Sun and Moon have physical bodies

Did you know that the sun and moon also have physical bodies? As soon as the life span of a soul ends, it leaves and gets replaced by another one. In this way, the soul within the sun and moon changes, but the body remains the same.

In case of human beings when the soul goes, the body is burned whereas in the sun and moon the body remains as it is, it is not burned, only the soul gets replaced. So fascinating!

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Miracle or blind faith?

A miracle itself is blind faith. Therefore, the one who says that he performs miracles is himself a victim of blind faith. He’s cheating himself and yet he doesn’t understand!

DETAIL - There’s nothing like a miracle in this world. It is just a trick of hands. Hence, once shouldn’t fall trap to such blind faith. Wow! Doesn’t that make sense?

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Sun is actually cold!

The sun does not emit any heat. Its nature is cold! It’s just a ball of light.

DETAIL – If the sun was hot, then just as we feel the heat here (at ground level), as we rise higher to 10,000 feet or 25,000 feet then we should feel more and more heat. But what happens when we rise higher? On a hill station, even on a summer day, cold winds blow, that’s because as we rise higher and higher it gets colder and colder. So that means the sun really doesn’t emit any heat. In reality, when the sun’s rays touch the surface of the Earth, heat is generated. Doesn’t that sound incredible?

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