3/27/2020 12:00:00 AM

Connect with colours- Winners (Overseas)

Cities lockdown! Countries lockdown! Stay at home!  Yes!  These days the talk of the town is 'Corona virus'.  So to spread positive vibes and messages, an online drawing competition was organized for the GNC kids (BMHT, LMHT)& youth around the globe.  Let's look at the winners-

BMHT 1st prize-  Harshil Pabari (Dubai)



BMHT 2nd prize- Mishti Shah (Tampa, U.S.A)


BMHT 3rd prize- Ryan Shah (Mombasa, Kenya)


LMHT 1st prize- Saanvi (Dubai)


LMHT 2nd prize- Zalak Mehta (Charlotte,North Carolina)


LMHT 3rd prize- Nand Rawal (Nakuru, Kenya)


YMHT-1st prize - Anjasi (Dubai)


YMHT-2nd prize - Purva Khatankar (Dubai)


YMHT-3rd prize- Purvi Rawal (Nakuru, Kenya)


YMHT-3rd prize- Krisha Parikh (Dubai)


YMHT- Consolation prize-  Heet Sanghvi (Chicago, U.S.A)


Last but not the least..one more winner from one of the recent submissions-


LMHT 1st prize-Rashi Gandhi  (Toronto, Canada)



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