DAY July 18, 2018

I Spread Happiness : An initiative by JJ 111

The countdown to the most awaited event JJ 111 has started!

“I spread happiness” is an initiative by JOVA JEVI DUNIYA, JJ 111. We all like to stay happy and spread happiness around us. Isn’t it? To experience this happiness perform these simple tasks every week. So let's begin with this week's task.

Task of the week # “Say Sorry”

 If you hurt someone, then apologize by saying ‘sorry’ and make them happy.

Once the task is completed-

Click on  

Scroll down and click on "I have done it"


DAY July 17, 2018

Pujyashree in U.S.A

Pujyashree’s arrival in North Central U.S.A

Giving a reverent welcome to Pujyashree

A memorable click with the Gnani

Expressing enthusiasm for JJ 111

A nature walk…


Seeking blessings with parents 

DAY July 08, 2018

Niruma's 50th Gnan Day- BMHT session

Niruma's special video clip 

Little ones engrossed in decoration...

Biscuit cake made specially for Niruma

With all my love to Niruma...