10/10/2012 8:51:00 AM

K.G. Dholakiya School visiting Rajkot Trimandir

150 student of Class 3-7 and 8 teachers visited the Trimandir-Rajkot. They did darshan of all Bhagwans present in the Mandir, and then a prarthna session. All the children were excited to see a huge idol of Simandhar Swami. Thereafter; the children watched shows on "Jadui Chasma" and "Vitrag Vignan Lab" and the children displayed very good understanding of the concepts of "even if others hurt us, we should not hurt them in return"; "all people may not have the same viewpoint as us" and "we should not look at the negatives of our parents and teachers."

Children devotedly doing prarthna in the Mandir



A moment of silence, deep in meditation


K-G-Dholakiya -2


Striking a pose with Simandhar Swami


K-G-Dholakiya -3