12/3/2012 10:32:00 PM

MHT's celebrating Niruma's Birthday

Pujya Niruma's Birthday Celebrations in Kolkata

As part of the celebrations for Pujya Niruma's Birthday, a team of little MHTians from Kolkata performed a drama titled "From Gundagiri to Dadagiri" in the live presence of Pujya Deepakbhai.

The drama was based on a character called Munnabhai who was explicitly doing 'Gundagiri' until he got Dada's Gnan. He then turned around and started a radio talk show helping people out of their problems - hence 'Dadagiri'.

Some photos of the same...


At radio station with Munnabhai advising listeners

Kolkata -2

    Circuit and Munnabhai Chatting     

Kolkata -5

 Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law waiting for Munnabhai on radio

Kolkata -6

 Mother and daughter facing each other with problems: The daughter loves to play the guitar while mum does not like the hobby.

Kolkata -4

 Pujyashree blessing the MHTians who performed the drama

Kolkata -3

 Munnabhai and his group of listeners

  Pujya Niruma's Birthday Celebrations in Simandhar City


Ymhtians carrying Niruma's Palkhi during Prabhat Pheri

 Baby -4

Bless us Niruma that we attain Absolute Purity for doing Jagat Kalyan


Kids expressing their wishes filled with love for their Real Mother...

Baby -1

  Prem thi Raheshu....Promise

Baby -3

We bow down to the World's Best Mother

Baby -2

Provide us with Strength Maa that we always stay in Abhedta with everyone


Lmht Kids preparing chocolate balls to celebrate Niruma's Birthday

Baby -5

Niruma I promise I won't hurt others...