4/19/2020 12:00:00 AM

Winners of Story writing contest

Lockdown has unlocked the hidden creative and imagination skills of many children these days!  An online story writing contest was organized for GNC kids around the globe. A set of jumbled up pictures were sent to the kids to create an interesting moral story out of it. 

Let's look at the winners! 

Click on their names to get a glimpse of their creativity. 

LMHT Winners

1st prize winner - Swayam Surat 1st Story

1st prize winner - Swayam Surat 2nd Story

2nd A prize winner - Ruchi Ahemdabad

2nd B prize winner - Darsh Jamnagar

3rd prize winner - Kavya Mumbai

Consolation 1st a Prize - Jash Vora Dubai

Consolation 1st b Prize - Zalak Mehta

Consolation 1st c Prize - Kiana Kamdar Singapore

Consolation 2nd Prize - Priyanshi Ahemdabad 

Consolation 3rd Prize - Bhavya Jamnagar

Consolation 4th Prize - Hiya Mumbai

BMHT Winners

1st prize winner - Prisha Shah Ahemdabad

2nd prize winner - Vihani Vora Borivali

3rd prize winner - Harshil Simandhar City

YMHT Winners - What does this picture tell you

1st prize winner - Drashti Ahemdabad

2nd prize winner - Riddhi Thakkar Gandhidham