Gnani Ni Chhaya Ma (GNC) is a special section within Dada Bhagwan Foundation, Adalaj established exclusively for kids in the year 2008.

What makes a plant bloom? It’s the quality of the seed, nutrition, the right nurture and care along with providing it adequate shelter. Param Pujya Dadashri always used the simile of a ‘seed’ to a ‘child’. He used to say that, if the right seeds are sown in a child at an early stage along with providing him with the right nurture and care, he is sure to blossom with the fruits of right knowledge, purity, sincerity, honesty and love.

pujya deepakbhai

Here is Pujya Deepakbhai’s heartfelt desire for today’s young generation in his own words-

“May all the children (of all age groups) who attend this “Gnani ni Chhaya”, attain such character and moral values with the right understanding that they do not hurt anyone for their own attachment, pride, happiness or greed. May they live their lives with such absolute understanding that they share peace and happiness with whomsoever they meet, bringing about salvation not only for themselves but for others too.”


‘Gnani Ni Chhaya Ma’ which means ‘In the shelter of a Gnani ’ was thus established with the aim of fulfilling the following objectives-

  • To provide a platform for healthy friendship
  • To channelize the child’s energy in the positive direction
  • To help him develop love and respect for the Self and others
  • To facilitate his spiritual growth
  • To prepare him to face any situation in life with equanimity
GNC Objective

All the activities of Dada Bhagwan Parivar for children and youth are covered under the common GNC umbrella.

They are categorized based on different age groups.

There are regular weekly/biweekly sessions held for all these groups across various centers in India and abroad. Apart from this, there are special camps conducted at different centers during the summer holidays for all groups. For the camp schedule, keep checking our kids blog. Events like Fuzion and iSTAR (International Spiritual Teen Akram Retreat) for the NRI youth are also organized annually.

This isn't all... Apart from this, GNC offers a plethora of activities for the little ones which are...

  • Store of happiness
  • Bal Vignan
  • Puppet Shows
  • School Visit
  • Children's Park

Store of happiness

Store of happiness

‘Store of Happiness’ is a journey into the world of HAPPINESS. The concept of ‘Store of Happiness’ is based on Param Pujya Dadashri’s science which says that, suppose if we ourselves own a candy store, then will there be a need to go anywhere else to buy a candy? No! Similarly, if we have our own ‘Store of Happiness’, then will we have to seek for happiness from anywhere else?

The journey comprises of a walk-through into an experiential world with the current theme of ‘Total Experience’. In order to complete this adventurous journey successfully, one needs to use his skills, guts & intelligence. Apart from this, in order to unravel the secrets to happiness, explore the theme based audiovisual displays, puppet shows, animation films, interactive games, outdoor games and much more.

Every year approximately 1,35,000 visitors learn the secrets to happiness by visiting this marvelous place.

Do plan a visit to the ‘Store of Happiness’ at Simandhar City, Trimandir, Adalaj and open your own ‘Store of Happiness’.

For more details and information, contact us on- 079 39830939, 079 39830100.

Bal Vignan

Bal Vignan

Bal Vignan is the treasure trove of fun, knowledge and learning for today’s generation.

It aims at delivering the right understanding in an interesting manner through the medium of books, devotional songs, DVDs, games, monthly magazines for kids and youth.

All these resources are filled with marvelous insights to enable and empower our children to remain positive and stable in the face of adversity and challenges at every step of life. Take your pick and open doors to a happier life.

Puppet Shows

Puppet Shows

Lights, camera, action! The colorful puppets are here! The medium of puppet show has always been one of the most entertaining and interesting ways to deliver some message to the society. GNC has been successfully using this mode to deliver the moral and scientific concepts of Param Pujya Dadashri to children in a light-hearted and fun way since 2007.

There are live puppet shows held at Adalaj Trimandir on all Sunday evenings and also during major events like Janmashtami, Param Pujya Dadashri’s Janma Jayanti, Guru Purnima etc. within India and abroad.

Watch these puppet shows online in English and Gujarati languages. These shows are also available on DVDs.

School Visit

School Visit

Nishpakshpati Trimandir (a non-sectarian temple) is a wonder of today’s time. It is an abode to several Gods like Lord Simandhar Swami, Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, Lord Ganesha etc. The temple was built with the objective that, may all the differences (regarding religions) of all those who visit the temple get dissolved.

With the aim of instilling the values of oneness and respect for all religions, Trimandir School Visit (TSV) program was initiated. The purpose of TSV is to nurture life-long values within children, which will not only be beneficial for their development but will also guide to live an ideal life.

The visit includes an informative tour of the non-sectarian temple, giving the significance and understanding of all Gods through special multimedia, live puppet and theme shows and a visit to the Store of Happiness (SOH).

Annually approximately 1,000 schools, 7,000 teachers and 85,000 students participate in this program.

For more details, call us on 079 39830100!

Children's Park

Children's Park

Children’s Park is one of the major attractions held annually during Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan’s Janma Jayanti (birthday) celebrations. It is a whole new world in itself filled with happiness and positivity for the young and old alike. Children’s Park is created with the objective of spreading Dada Bhagwan’s spiritual science in a novel and captivating way to the visitors.

During Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan’s 111th Janma Jayanti celebrations, Children’s Park had unique attractions. Different themes like stubbornness (Akram Joyride), real-life role plays with a Dada Twist (Kids Kastle), detecting negativity (The NSA), honesty (Terrific Terry animated movie), respecting parents (U-Turn movie) were presented in an interactive manner. These themes were aimed at different age groups, but all took a message from them. There was a puppet show on the theme of appreciating others and an Amphitheatre for children to present their talents.

You never know what amazing solutions may come across your way by visiting our Children’s Park!

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